Are your ceramics dishwasher and oven safe?
Yes they are. However I recommend to wash the items by hand. Ceramic glaze is almost like glass and as you might know, it can get a little dull overtime. So treat them gently and wash them by hand if possible. The ceramics are fired at very high temperatures (1220 degrees celcium), so it is completely fine to put them in the oven. Make sure you heat your food from a cold oven, to avoid thermal shock. 
Do you ship internationally?
Yes I do. If you need any help, please let me know! You can find all the rates down below. 
Is it possible to pick up my order at your studio?
You can use the code PICKUP at checkout, if you want to pick up your order at the studio. It is very helpful to write me an e-mail when you placed your order, so there are no miscommunications possible!
Is your packaging eco-friendly?
It is! From september '19 I changed my packaging to non-plastic. This means your order is wrapped in paper and it is secured in the box with kraft paper. I don't use plastic bubble wrap or plastic tape, it is all made out of paper.
If you do find any plastic bubble wrap in your order, it is all recycled! Not every company uses non-plastic packaging, so when I order something I don't want to throw away the material, I'd rather recycle it.
Is it possible to visit the studio?
Please send an e-mail to info@studiobloei.nl, if you want to make an appointment. 
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