How to grow on Pinterest as an artist?

How to grow on Pinterest as an artist?

How to grow on Pinterest as an artist?

My Pinterest grew slowly but steady in the last 3 years and along the way I learned a few things that help me grow from 0 to over half a million monthly views. In this blogpost I’m sharing my tips and tricks.



Some general information about Pinterest

People come to Pinterest because they want to get inspired. It’s very different from Instagram, because people come to Instagram for fun. The people that come to Pinterest have a vague idea, and they want to transform those ideas to visuals. You can see it as a browsing machine, like google.

For example: you are going to buy a new home and have some ideas about your new interior. You are coming to Pinterest because you want to get inspired and want to see how other people decorate their homes. You start with the kitchen and you’re gonna save all the picture that you like in a new board. You are probably gonna do this with all of the other rooms too. By doing this, the ideas you have in your mind will become a concrete visual.

So when you are a creative and want to grow your following with Pinterest, YOUR WORK will be the visual that people want to see. People are going to save the picture of your handmade mug or art piece to their board. Because they get inspired and want to save it to look at it later on when they are going to decorate their homes (and buy new things).

As a creative you also have the option to inspire people when they are seeking for a new hobby. I know for sure that I went to Pinterest when I first started with pottery. I wanted to get inspired with things I could make or how to decorate my studio.

It’s important to shift your perspective when you are want to start building your following on Pinterest and also make sure what your goal will be. For me it is so inspire people that want to start with pottery and to inspire people with my beautiful handmade ceramics. So it’s a mix of hobby and home decor.

1. First things first



Monthly views (you can see this number on your home page)

A Pinterest monthly viewer is a metric on Pinterest that measures the number of people who actually laid eyes on your pins on Pinterest. This tells you how many times your pin crossed an individuals' feed.


How many times your pin was seen on screen in Pinterest (this ultimately translates into the total Pinterest monthly viewers).


Total number of engagements on your pins, including clicks and saves

Total audience

How many people who have seen or engaged with your pins

Engaged audience
Total number of people who engage with your pins

2. How to start with your Pinterest page?

There are a few important things to do before you start growing your Pinterest page.

  • Switch from a personal Pinterest page to a business page, this way you can check your statistics.
  • Make sure your bio says who you are and what you do.
  • You can add a link to your bio, I would recommend to add your website or Linktree page.

3. How to start with growing your following?

You are going to create different boards in your Pinterest page. These boards are going to be the visuals for your brand, but are also the place where people are gonna get inspired. See it as different portfolio’s with different vibes for each board.

For Studio Bloei I’ve created a few different boards:

  • Ceramics inspiration
  • Home decor ideas
  • Ceramics studio inspiration
  • Photography ideas
  • Slow living
  • Ceramic tableware inspiration
  • Studio Bloei Ceramics / Handmade ceramics

How and what to pin?

Start pinning your own products, but also other products to those boards. It will be a mix of your own items and other things you think will be a little similar to yours. They are going to be blended into each other, so that it’s not only your own products in the boards. For example, every product that I have on my website is pinned to one of my boards. Sometimes I add them to 'slow living’, the other time to ‘ceramics inspiration’. You’re going to build your portfolio on Pinterest (with the different boards) with inspiration for others. If people like what they see, they will save your products to their boards and that way you will grow on Pinterest.

The basics

Title, description and links are quite important, but I would recommend to just try things out. Think of words that people might search for when they come to Pinterest. For example: handmade home decor, pottery studio inspiration, tableware inspiration, wall decor etc. Add those words to the description of your Pin. I either link the pin to my website or product page, or Instagram. That depends on the kind of Pin I created.

Start pinning video’s and blogposts yesterday!

VIDEO!! I am 100% certain that I grew so quick on Pinterest because of the video’s I’ve pinned. And it’s very easy, just upload the Reels or story you’ve made on Instagram to Pinterest and link them to your website or Instagram page. Behind the scenes video’s and how to video’s are very popular.

Start writing blogpost and Pin them to one of your boards and link them back to the blogpost on your website. When people want to learn more about something, for example start their pottery business, they come to Pinterest to learn more about it.



The awesome thing about Pinterest is the lifespan of your Pins, even after a few years people will find your pictures and video’s. So it’s almost like a lifetime guarantee for new followers for your instagram and traffic to your website. It might take some time, but with the steps above I am certain that you can grow your Pinterest too!


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